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What Organizations Does Red Shirt Friday Support?

What Organizations Does Red Shirt Friday Support?

Red Shirt Friday is a movement that encourages individuals to wear red on Friday to show their support for the active and past members of our military. At Red Shirt Friday, we sell red shirts and other apparel that you can wear to show that you respect and support our troops. And at least 80% of all our proceeds go directly to charitable organizations that support the members of our military and their families. We put politics aside and handpick these charities so keep reading to learn more about the different organizations that Red Shirt Friday supports.

Active Valor

Active Valor is an organization that is dedicated to giving a new purpose to veterans. Through Active Valor, veterans are paired with children of fallen soldiers to serve as their mentors. Through these mentorship roles, veterans can find new purpose and pass on their profound skillsets.

Patriot PAWS

Patriot PAWS is a fully-accredited member of Assistance Dogs International. This organization trains service dogs to the exact needs of the recipient. The goal is to increase the self-sufficiency of the veteran to whom the dog is assigned. IT takes 2 to 2.5 years and up to $34,000 to train a service dog and Patriot PAWS does this at no cost to veterans.

Workshops for Warriors

Workshops for Warriors is an organization aimed at bringing the American warrior spirit into American industry. This nonprofit school teaches and trains veterans on machining skills so they can be placed into great careers in the advanced manufacturing field.

Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids is another organization that Red Shirt Friday supports. This is a 4-star charity that covers fees associated with fine arts, athletics, STEM, and tutoring programs during a parent’s deployment or recovery from injury. By keeping the minds and bodies of these children strong, they can stay focused and escape the stress of having a loved one overseas or recovering.

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At Red Shirt Friday, we set aside political agendas to show our support for those who bravely put their lives on the line for our country’s freedom. When you make a purchase from us, at least 80% of proceeds go to one of our charitable partners, including Active Valor, Patriot PAWS, Workshops for Warriors, and Our Military Kids. And, you can rest assured that we have carefully chosen each of these partners so that we know your donations will go directly towards making a difference. Join us on this journey and help us make a difference today!

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