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What Are Some Organizations That Support the Troops?

What Are Some Organizations That Support the Troops?Are you looking to find some great organizations that support the troops? If that is the case, we are here to help with that! At Red Shirt Friday we are all about supporting the troops past and present. Keep reading to learn more about some amazing organizations that are making a difference in the lives of past and present service members and their families.

  1. Active Valor
  2. Active Valor is a non-profit out of San Diego CA. They help veterans find a new purpose by connecting them with the children of our nation’s fallen heroes. Designed by a former Navy SEAL, Valor Adventures give new purpose to veterans and helps them make a positive change in their local community through mentoring these children.

  3. Patriot PAWS Service Dogs
  4. Patriot PAWS is a fully-accredited member of Assistance Dogs International (AD) that trains dogs for veterans. Training is customized to the needs of each specific individual, with the overall goal of increasing their self-sufficiency after military service ends.

  5. Our Military Kids
  6. Our Military Kids provides benefits to military families. This organization covers fees associated with extracurricular activities including athletics, fine arts, STEM, and tutoring programs during a parent’s deployment or recovery from injury. To date, they have provided grants totaling over $24.5 million!

  7. Workshops for Warriors
  8. Workshops for Warriors is a non-profit school that trains veterans on machining skills. The end goal is to prepare them to be placed in advanced manufacturing careers in order to make a living after their military service has ended.

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