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Meet the Charity – Workshops for Warriors

Meet the Charity - Workshops for WarriorsRed Shirt Friday is a movement to show support for the troops. It encourages everyone to put aside their political affiliations to wear red on Fridays to show their support for the troops. At Red Shirt Friday, we sell red apparel that you can wear on Fridays to show how thankful you are for the sacrifice that our service members make on a daily basis. One of the great organizations that we support, is Workshops for Warriors. Want to know more about the organizations that we support? Keep reading to learn more about Workshops for Warriors and how you can be a part of our mission!

What is Workshops for Warriors?

So, what is Workshops for Warriors? This is an organization that is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is audited and board-governed. The organization has the goal to provide quality training and STEM educational programs to assist veterans and transitioning service members. The end mission is to help these individuals become training and placed in the advanced manufacturing field of their choosing. They’ve been training veterans and transitioning service members since 2008 and we are proud to support them!

How does Red Shirt Friday support Workshops for Warriors?

Red Shirt Friday supports organizations making a direct difference in the lives of past and present members. One of the ways that we support Workshops for Warriors, is by donating proceeds from sales on our websites. We have four organizations that we support and donate at least 80 percent of our proceeds to.

Support Workshops for Warriors with a purchase from Red Shirt Friday!

At Red Shirt Friday, we are proud to support great organizations like Workshops for Warriors. We gladly donate at least 80 percent of our proceeds and work to help charities like Workshops for Warriors make a difference in the lives of past service members. Our nation’s heroes deserve to be treated well after their time in the service ends, and Workshops for Warriors helps ensures that they can secure great jobs after their time in the military ends. Want to learn more? See what items we have to offer on our website at Red Shirt Friday.

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