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3 Great Organizations That Support Our Troops

4 Great Organizations That Support Our TroopsThe members of our military, past, and present, make incredible sacrifices day in and day out to protect our freedoms. These sacrifices should not be in vain and Red Shirt Friday is here to help make sure these courageous soldiers get the support they need. One way we do that is by donating at least 80 percent of our proceeds to organizations that directly support the troops. Currently, we partner with Active Valor, Patriot PAWS, and Workshops for Warriors. Keep reading to learn more about three organizations that Red Shirt Friday gives to that do a great job supporting our troops.

Active Valor

Active Valor is a combat-run non-profit based in San Diego, CA. This group works to pair veterans with children of our nation’s fallen heroes to serve as mentors. The goal is to provide support for Gold Star Children while also giving new purpose to veterans.

Patriot PAWS

Patriot PAWS is another great organization that Red Shirt Friday is proud to support. This group is a fully-accredited member of Assistance Dogs International (AD) and provides dogs trained to the customized needs of veterans with the goal of increasing their self-sufficiency. With dogs from Patriot PAWS, veterans can accomplish daily tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Workshops for Warriors

Another organization that Red Shirt Friday supports is Workshops for Warriors. This non-profit aims to train and educate veterans in the machining skills required for today’s modern industry. The group then places them in an advanced manufacturing career field where they can have meaningful employment.

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At Red Shirt Friday, we are proud to partner with great organizations that make a direct impact on the lives of our troops, past and present. Not only will proceeds from your purchase go directly to charities that support the troops, but wearing our apparel on Friday will show the troops that you care and appreciate the sacrifices they make. If you want to secure some amazing red apparel and support our troops, shop at Red Shirt Friday today so you can start making a difference!

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